Welcome to our new web!

Welcome to our new web!

Dear Friends and Customers,

Welcome to the new website of Racing Decals 43. We have introduced new features, such as the latest security measures. We have also moved our website to a secure server, and have updated our shop with a new shopping application. And not least, we will have a new webmaster that will provide us with solutions to possible problems, so if you get any issue, please email us at info@racingdecals43.com

You will need to make a new register, as we are using a new database to keep your data safe. Also, please wait until your account is accepted to enter it and check our opening times.


We have added a few of the latest that we got from customers around the world. You will be able to post comments and share your thoughts from their finished work.


We will use it to show the work in progress of customer's builts and out releases that are about to come out.
Our latest release is RDE24/029 Mercedes AMG GT3 #17 ADAC Zurich 24h of Nurburgring 2019
Racing Decals 43 Team

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