Racing Decals 43


R acing Decals 43 is the result of years of interest in all aspects of motor racing, from endurance to rallies, and model-car collection. This initiative was born in Madrid in 2012 to produce high-quality decals – a consequence of our personal standards for both details and finishes, and versatility and ease of application.

T he journey began with the production of decals in 1/43 scale, moving on to produce a series in 1/24 scale in 2013. Our customers are meticulous collectors and model builders around the world who prioritize excellence, above all, in products and service. We also have authorized distributors in Asia, Europe and the US.

O ur ambition is to fully satisfy collectors with continuous launches of new products throughout the year, keeping close contact with them through specialized forums and social networks. For us, these contacts go beyond mere commercial interaction, because this is truly all about the expression of a shared passion.

Welcome to Racing Decals 43